Where Gods Fear To Tread

Bonus Session 1: To Take a Mockingbird

Timeframe: ???

Established inside the borders of Bezerel, the group has managed to maintain a reliable safehouse within the walls of Calekith,a city named for the Bezerali God of beauty. Unfortunately, as is always true, things weren’t going to stay calm. Aurianya had vanished overnight, gone on another of her “errands” which always seemed to end with someone else at a loss. The difference this time is that her target, a one Highlord Tarquin, actually managed to catch her in the act.

The group received a message from him, stating that he had her in his ‘custody’, but would be willing to forgive and release her, should the group be willing to perform a service for him. Another noble lord, Roshone, had taken something that belonged to him, and he wanted it back. If the group returned his property, he would return theirs, so to speak.

And so, they reluctantly agreed to infiltrate Roshone’s estate and obtain…whatever it was. Though they were unaware of its nature, they were told it was kept in a large iron coffin. And through a series of guileful escapades involving Rael dressing as a hobo and dancing, the party managed to sufficiently distract the guards and get inside the manor with only four casualties (on Roshone’s side, that is.)

A quick trip to the basement later, they found the large coffin, with two people sitting on it. A tall and lithe woman and a hulking man, they introduced themselves as Andromeda and Vasher, and were wholly unconvinced by the group’s disguises. One brief skirmish later, Andromeda and Vasher found themselves outmatched by our intrepid heroes, and escaped to fight again another day.

While taking the coffin outside, Rael noticed the Highlord’s daughter, Rilla, standing atop a staircase landing and watching them. A powerful aura of Illusion magic surrounded her, though her appearance was true. She told Rael that they had best hurry, if they intended to outrun the watch, and then left. Thoroughly discomfited by her odd behavior, Rael hurried on ahead, pressing his companions onward.

They arrived back at their safehouse, and curiosity overwhelmed them. Veronica quickly disabled the traps on the surface of the coffin so that they could open it, wherein they found a young girl, her body patchworked with metal and clockwork. Powerful magical auras of Necromany and Healing surrounded her, keeping her alive, though for what purpose, none of them knew. Tarquin came soon after, though they attempted to keep their tampering of the coffin a secret, he quickly found out. He didn’t seem upset by it though, understanding the urges of curiosity, and told them that he did not hold it against them. Indeed, he said that he would keep them in mind for the future, if he needed further “errands” run.

Just minutes after Tarquin guaranteed Aurianya’s safe return, a crash was heard in the upstairs portion of the safehouse, as Aurianya herself barreled through the window, just having escaped Tarquin’s estate. Hilarity ensued, cut to black.



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