Where Gods Fear To Tread

Session 5a: The Chase

The first month of Summer

Session 5: The Chase:

The night was already bad when Eligor awoke from his surprise nap, and only got worse when he found Sitka gone from his bed. Though the young Tephran was prone to going out by himself, the telltale signs of heavy boots on the soft wood floors spoke to a less voluntary cause. Eligor wasted no time in informing Aurianya and Rael, who agreed that he was likely kidnapped, and that they should wait until the morning to avoid suspicion.

Though they did decide to raise a stink. Aurianya declared the following morning that her manservant had gone missing, and she demanded to know if the family had seen any sign of him. Klaus was thoroughly flabbergasted, and left to go into town to ask around. It wasn’t long before he returned with his wife, bearing an official-looking notice that stated Sitka’s guilt, and that he had been taken to be questioned in Selth. The group decided that this, more than anything else, was a notice that they’d overstayed their welcome.

Outside, the group reunited with Cocytus, who agreed to continue traveling with them, though he would NOT enter the Knilma forest, wherein lay the fastest path to Selth. He would go separately, and around. The party agreed with this, hoping to meet up with him at Selth.

The Knilma forest was dark, winding, and foreboding. One of the rare areas in Bezerel that the Empire hadn’t touched, it was overgrown and wild, with a constant sense of being watched, and not by anything friendly. It wasn’t long though before the group picked up on signs of something very large tromping its way through the woods. The tracks wound around the forest, making multiple attempts to lose the party, but Eligor’s skill led them directly to Isaiah, waiting for them in a clearing.

Isaiah pleaded with them to leave and go home, that the person they were looking for wasn’t who they thought he was. The party attempted several tactics to try to fool him, but when they tried to pass a letter written in Tephrish to give to Sitka, Isaiah’s patience wore thin and he attacked, calling upon Teodore, Dulcinea’s giant Scorpion companion to assist him.

A brief battle ensued, showing that Isaiah was not prepared to handle them. Teodore fled first after Eligor proved himself a difficult foe, and Isaiah followed soon after being blinded by Rael. The party briefly considered giving chase before being confronted by a tall old woman, politely asking what they were doing in her forest.

The woman introduced herself as Delilah, the keeper of the forest. Once the party explained their purpose, she expressed her sympathy for them and invited her to rest in her home, which was carved into a tree? Or something like that. They were also introduced to her Raven companion, who was a rather mouthy creature.

They spoke for some time, and she mentioned that she reincarnated due to her bond with the forest. When Rael excitedly asked her if she kept a journal, her response was “oh, that would have been a good idea.” Regardless, she took a liking to the party, and gifted them a whistle that would bear them to their destination.

Shortly thereafter, riding a herd of spectral horses (much to Nathaniel and Desta’s dismay), they found themselves on the outskirts of Selth, where hopefully, their unfortunate friend was being held.



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