Where Gods Fear To Tread

Session 5b: Sitka Apart

The first month of Summer

Session 5b: Sitka Apart

Sitka awoke from his unintentional nap to find himself staring up at the night sky, with his arms and legs terribly securely bound. Some wriggling showed him Dulcinea sitting nearby, and little else on the horizon save for a forest to the south. Not a great position to be in. It wasn’t long before Dulcinea noticed his movement, and after exchanging some brief banter promptly knocked him out again. She didn’t have time for his shit.

When next he awoke, it was from having his head forcefully introduced to a stone doorframe. He was being carried down a flight of stairs, then promptly deposited in a chair in one of the rooms. Deciding that no, he was not having any of this, he took his first chance once his arms had been freed by the unsuspecting guard to knock her the hell out, only to be caught by the trapped bindings still on his legs.

He was quickly found by Dr. Jylsin, a surprisingly jovial woman who was more than happy to discuss the awful, awful things she planned to do with Sitka. She quickly deduced that he was Tephran, and was ecstatic when he mentioned his elemental bloodline. She sent him away to his cell after inspecting him, eager to write up plans for his inevitable mental degradation.

Unfortunately, Sitka wasn’t alone in his cell. Another being, shadowy and unclear, was present as well, and it didn’t take well to his presence. Though territorial, Sitka managed to stake out a claim in the room, attempting to create some kind of peaceful coexistence. The shadowy creature seemed tolerant of this, though not happy about it.

The experiments began the next day. Sitka was brought into a chamber, then locked into what appeared to be a square of colored light, forced to fight whatever creatures Dr. Jylsin had brought in. The first match was against two Fey, who Sitka tried to convince not to fight. One of them seemed hesitant following Sitka’s plea, but the other was crazed, desperate for any chance at escape. Sitka dispatched the Fey by throwing into the polychromatic wall, with the gory results showing him that touching the colors would not end well. The other Fey, seeing his strength, decided to forego the fight, wishing Sitka well before killing itself against the wall.

Back in the cell afterwards, the shadowy being seemed more clearly defined, and was now identifiable as female. A whispered “Fera” was its way of introducing itself, giving Sitka a bit of hope that something good could come out of this.

Hope that Dr. Jylsin was more than happy to dash. The following day brought another battle, against two humans this time, women of Tephra and Elphatal. Again, Sitka tried to convince them to back down, and again, it failed. After defeating them easily, Dr. Jylsin told Sitka he could either kill them himself, or she would do it for him, and she’d do it much, much slower. Sorrowfully, Sitka took one of the women’s blades and slayed them both mercifully, as honorably as he could.

That night, Fera demonstrated growing intelligence, drawing coherent figures on the wall and speaking full words. Most importantly, she showed Sitka that she could teleport. A plan began to hatch in Sitka’s mind, though he’d have to be careful how he went about it. But time was of the essence, as Sitka could feel the captivity and cruelty weigh on his body and mind.

After the next day of fighting, Sitka made a request of Dr. Jylsin: could he fight Fera? He wanted a challenge, and more room in his cell. She excitedly agreed, and he could feel his plan come together. That night was spent with Fera, ensuring that when the day came, she would be ready to help him make his escape.

Fortunately, she was more than ready. As soon as she was able, she used her ability to warp space to escape the battleground, stabbing Jylsin with her arm and breaking the control console. Sitka took his chance to escape, though the wall cllipped him on his way out, injecting a lethal poison into his system. Killing the Doctor quickly, Fera dragged him through the complex as his body fought the toxin, and though Dulcinea appeared to stop them, the pair barely managed to escape into the night.

Into a city where no one could be trusted.



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