Alma Fazir

The Tephran Arena Champion, she acts as a symbol for the people


Tall and powerfully built, Alma is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Her arms and legs are torn and ripped with scars and muscles, souvenirs of her various battles. She could have easily gotten them healed, but she much prefers to be able to point to them and say “This one is from that big bloke with the ax, and this is from that nasty gal who took a whip to me, and this one…”.

Short red hair pokes up every which way, as being an Arena hero doesn’t leave much time for self-grooming. Long gloves and boots cover most of her limbs, and hazel eyes are most often found watching the clouds when they aren’t focused on an enemy.


Ah yes, young Alma. I should have expected you, at this point. Let’s read the tally again, shall we? For the benefit of those around us. Three destroyed lengths of fences, two ruined casks of wine, thirteen traumatized sheep, four deeply distressed elders, and a single boarskin coat, which has been ripped into strips and used as restraints. Given that the other two suspects were found tied up and bound with the aforementioned coat, I am left to assume that this was, in fact, your doing.
-The Fazir elder, chastising a 12 year-old Alma. She did it.

Alma was a scrapper from a young age, never one to take crap from anyone. This resulted in her getting beaten up very frequently, until she learned to start hitting first, and hitting harder. This particular habit never really left her, and she now uses the skills she cultivated growing up as a way to earn her living, and protect her family. The Fazir clan rose exponentially in fame and prestige once she took to the Arena, causing her early wrongdoings to be more or less excused.

Alma is also well-known for maintaining a rather significant harem of lovers, none of whom she is ever known to ignore. How she manages the time for them is completely beyond the ken of mere mortals.

Alma Fazir

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