Christian Merocles

A hot-blooded youth with dreams of revolution


A beautiful young man of 26, Christian was an awkward youth, but has grown into his features marvelously. Platinum-blond hair frames his face, falling down in waves just below his neck. Dark, thoughtful eyes gaze out from a face of delicate features, and his clothing is almost always immaculate and extravagant, which he views as a way to hold onto his pride.

He doesn’t have much in the way of muscle, being a man of thought rather than battle. What little martial training he has received has made him lithe and swift rather than forceful. Nevertheless, he is proud of his skill, though he never flaunts it.


A dedicated younger son of the Merocles family, who were raised to prominence when their Patron, the Goddess Uniwa was awarded the Rod of War. Christian was born in the same year that Uniwa took the Rod, and it was taken as a sign for the young man, who was looked to from a very young age. He took the responsibility in stride, deciding to devote his life to discover what it was that the Goddess had planned for him. That devotion took a backseat, however, when the Ban hit. Only six years old at the time, Christian nevertheless understood the gravity, but wasn’t about to let his importance fall to the wayside.

Christian Merocles

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