A Cold Rider in Whisper's employ


Standing seven feet tall, Cocytus’ head is adorned by antlers that easily add another two feet to their height. Cocytus appears deceptively frail, with a body formed of thin spires of ice covered by armor formed of ice. From their limbs hang icicles, and their long fingers are sharpened like talons.

Instead of a face, Cocytus’ round head is emblazoned with runes written In Celestial on the front, symbolizing “Honor”, “Loyalty”, “Obedience”, and one nearly illegible one that reads either “Very Fortunate” or “Very Misfortunate”.


Laconic, taciturn, and presumably deadly, Cocytus is not the friendliest creature in Oreas. Fiercely loyal to Whisper, they obey her orders without question, though interaction with the party has caused them to question several things about themselves.

Disposition: Tentatively Friendly.


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