Del Touchstone

A young woman in Rael's custody


When Rael adopted her at age four, she was an inquisitive child, bright-eyed and quick-witted. Brilliant green eyes watched the world with curiosity from under a shock of bright red hair. Time, combined with the harsh conditions of her upbringing, have weathered both her curiosity and her spark, tempering them into steel.

Nowadays, she dresses in simple, bold colors, allowing her natural coloration to speak for itself. She frequently has designs tattooed on her skin, changing them with her natural magic on a day-to-day basis. She’s distinctive and colorful, but everything she does has a meaning.


A young woman of great passion and power, Del is an interesting blend of natural recklessness mixed with Rael’s thoughtfulness. The conditions of her adoption have hardened her, and though Rael tried his best to ensure that she never went hungry, she still saw much of her country’s plight.

A sorcerer by her bloodline, which included something of great…power, if not comprehensibility. As such, her magic is difficult to comprehend, but she’s never had trouble with it. You just have to think about it sideways.

She does care for Rael greatly, and is thankful for the love that he’s shown her.

Del Touchstone

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