Elka Zyrn

An outgoing mechanic who views the world as a problem to be solved


A frequently dirty 17 year-old, Elka is rarely seen without thick gloves and suspenders. Any corners he can cut into his personal hygiene is cut, so as to give him more time to work with machinery. As a result, his skin is usually striped with grease or oil of some kind, and his curly black hair is rarely clean. His black eyes are usually wandering, rarely making eye contact for very long as he searches for another project to work on.


A young and phenomenally talented mechanic, Elka discovered his talent at the young age of 6, when he took apart and repaired a Steamtech engine. His skill has taken leaps and bounds since then, and he now finds himself at the forefront of this industrial revolution brought on by the Ban. Despite this, Elka has no particular dreams of greatness for himself; rather, he just wants to work on his machines, and if that happens to benefit the world, then great! But stop talking and hand him the smaller wrench, please.

Elka Zyrn

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