Leva Tanu

A fearsome warrior of the Tanu Clan


A broad woman standing at 5’ 2", Leva is frequently underestimated due to her statue. This has led to a very large number of broken noses for those unfortunate enough to mock her. She keep her dark hair cut short, so as to not interfere with her hunts, though given how quickly it grows, it’s most often seen shaggy enough to cover parts of her face. You can’t expect her to keep on top of that, she has Monsters to hunt!

Though she has experience with a variety of weapons, she is most often seen with a sword as long as she is, though she wields it like it weighs nothing. It’s not uncommon to see several smaller axes or hammers hanging from her belt though, as she likes to have options.


An elder warrior of the Tanu Clan, Leva has great pride in herself and her fellow warriors. She considers it a necessity that every single warrior in the clan pass an examination from her first, a ritual that has existed in the clan since its formation. She prefers to see her fellow Clanners use their skill to hunt the impressive beasts that roam the outlying Isles rather than fight in the arena, but she holds little disdain for gladiators. She just doesn’t think that fighting should be a spectator sport.

Regardless, she has great affection for Sitka, though she’s terrible at showing it. He showed great promise from a young age, and shares her affinity for their Anbayat blood, though hers manifests as Ice rather than Fire. As such, she taught him to harness and control his bloodline, and she considers herself something of a mother to him, now that his parents are gone.

Leva Tanu

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