A soft-spoken woman who carries herself like a princess


A tall woman of oddly fair skin and features, Naberia has the obvious look of one who prefers to work with her mind, rather than her hands. Bright, piercing eyes seem capable of seeing through a person’s thoughts, and her delicate mouth is usually set into a wry smirk.

Physically, she is hardly intimidating. Slim and very lightly muscled, Naberia is fond of the idea of silk hiding steel.


Growing up with her brother in the height of the Ban, Naberia frequently relied on Eligor for protection in the midst of looters, vandals, and thieves. This changed later in life, when her mind and wit became enough to allow her entry into the higher courts of Elphatalian society. This allowed her all manner of privileges, and was sufficient to keep both her and her brother fed, though she will never forget the way he protected her when they were younger.

Naberia is a calculating, scheming person, and there is very little she does without reason. Despite this logic inherent in her, the thought of her brother going off to Bezerel fills her with terror, very little of which shows to any but Eligor.


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