Rael Touchstone

A silver tongued Bard who searches for knowledge


Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, Rael has always favored the ability to outmaneuver his opponent, mentally and physically. Rael is 45, which is a bit older than his appearance would tell, though he insists this has nothing to do with his skill as an illusionist. Tall and lean, with dark hair, striking lavender eyes, and an easy smile, Rael is handsome without drawing too much attention. He is known for his strong, lyrical singing voice and is deceptively light on his feet.


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Morena – Occaisionally referred to as “The Lady of Shade,” Elphatalian goddess of truth and secrets. Morena is a polarizing figure, as she represents the truth that must be kept for the safety of all. Elphatalian academics have hotly debated whether she would be best suited a Rod or a Throne. Before the ban, Morena’s devotees were gifted with spells of binding, mind-reading, blinding, illusion, and scrying.

Temple – A library so large and varied in scope, that at its height it was rumored to have existed partially out of synch with this plane. In its collection were the secret diaries of heretics, letters between politicians, ancient magical artifacts of unknown purpose, the histories of nations that may have never existed, malevolent beings bound to books, blueprints for impossible machines, and a very detailed book regarding the culinary applications of human flesh.

Del – Rael’s “daughter.” It can take a lifetime to begin to learn one’s way around the great temple. Orphaned Elphatalian were occasionally taken as wards to be trained and become the stewards, priests, preceptors, and other devotees of Morena. After the great library’s destruction, Rael adopted a young Del.

Rael was raised as a ward within the Temple. In his youth, Rael’s recall, talent and creativity with illusion, and voracious appetite for reading lead many of the older Preceptors to believe they were preparing a great scholar to ascend within their ranks.

Rael Touchstone

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