Selina Argos

A decorated general of Bezerel, and an honorable combatant


Extremely tall and imposing, Selina stands at 6’ 4". and her body is wrapped in thick cords of muscle. Thick red hair tumbles down her head, ending a bit below her neck. Her green eyes are set in a hard face, with stony features that seem to be constantly measuring threats.

Her usual armor is as intimidating as the rest of her, golden metal gleaming in the sun. It’s very easy to see her coming, and that works to her advantage more often than not.


Selina, also known as the Ebon Moon, is one of the most highly decorated and celebrated generals in Bezerali history, having personally led no less than 27 campaigns of conquest. With such a record, one would expect her to be merciless to her enemies, but she has never failed to accept a foe’s surrender. On the rare occasions that her foes attempt to fake a surrender, she has never let one live.

Personally though, very little is known about her. Her loyalty to the Empire seems unquestioning, and she seems to have no romantic attachments (it is the general consensus that no man or woman alive could keep up with her). The only people who have anything resembling closeness to her are her personal squad, known as the Moon’s Feathers, who refuse to speak of her in anything but nearly reverent tones. Their respect for her seems as absolute as Selina’s own respect for the Empire.

Selina Argos

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