The stray that Aurianya picked up, who became a fair bit more.


A young woman of fair complexion, Semiya does not look like an intimidating figure. She cuts a slim silhouette, though her body is cut with lean, cordlike muscle. A nearly feral grin splits her features at most times, though she adopts a more childlike appearance when she addresses Aurianya.

Her general appearance is one that can’t seem to decide if she’s trying to be menacing or childlike. She moves like a wild animal, but reacts to new experiences with almost infantile wonder, wide-eyed and bright. Her red eyes take in her surroundings quickly, and her dark hair is normally pulled back so as to not get in her way.


Found by Aurianya when she was only 11, Semiya has grown up…strangely. How much of that was the (presumed) loss of her family, and how much was the influence of Aurianya’s strange magic on a still-forming mind is debatable, though she doesn’t seem to care. Her admiration of Aurianya borders on the creepy, and she’d give her life to protect her big sister.

Semiya’s fighting style is reckless, wild, and ruthlessly effective. Wielding a small blade that she probably found lying on some battlefield, she is startlingly skilled in dispatching most foes with relative ease. The bandits and brigands encountered by herself and Aurianya were easily dispatched by the pair, and Semiya is rightfully proud of that.

She is devastated to see Aurianya go, but ultimately understands that this mission is bigger than either of them. She just hopes that her big sis comes home safe.


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