Sitka Tanu

A smart-mouthed arena fighter


Hardened by the elements as well as the arena, Sitka is a force to be reckoned with. Standing at six foot one and with impressive musculature, he can be a little intimidating, especially considering the bloody or torn garments he wears to fight in the arena. Just as striking are also his hair and eyes, both tinted red due to his Ignan bloodline, which are in sharp contrast to his dark skin. This twenty five year old combatant would need to try pretty hard to go unnoticed, but that’s kind of how he likes it.


It was only a year or so after the Great Ban that Sitka found himself an orphan, his parents having died from the drought that quickly overtook the nation in the aftermath of the calamity. Shortly thereafter, he was taken in by other members of the Tanu tribe, of which he and his parents were members. The Tanus are a tribe of warriors who all share the common trait of being partially descended from elementals of one kind or another. At a young age, Sitka showed considerable combative skill, and was then brought under the tutelage of Leva. After learning all he could from her and proving himself by leading an expedition to the southern islands and besting the ferocious beasts there, he turned his gaze towards the arena. It was there that he truly made a name for himself, taking down opponents often without the use of anything but his own hands. His fire elemental lineage may make him a bit hotheaded, but it also assists him in his pursuit of becoming a great warrior. From the beginning, Sitka did not set out to achieve anything for himself, but rather for the greater good of his country. In his eyes, what his country needed was another great warrior, one who could be an inspiration as well as actively helpful. This is what he aspired to all of his life. Now, with the privilege to serve his country in an even greater way, to possibly dispel the Great Ban which led to the death of his parents and countless others, he will do whatever it takes, even at the sake of his own life.

Sitka Tanu

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