Sorralodine Etrackiorite

A prodigiously skilled scientist and Mechanic


Rather older than she looks, Sorra tends towards very practical clothing. Relatively closely fit clothing with a simple coat is about as far into the realm of fashion as she ever goes, small frames of eyeglasses are also a constant for her. Her straight and brown hair is usually pulled back out of her way, though she usually misses a few bangs. The most distinctive feature on her is far and away her eyes, which are a unique shade of ice blue. They frequently disconcert people on first glance, particularly in the way that they seem to dissect people, looking at each component part.


Hello, and thank you for your very kind letter. As of right now, my daughter has no interest in taking on any students, though she thanks you for your interest. She has told me that she is currently pursuing a new theory regarding the interaction of Transmutative magic in regards to the transformative properties of…something, I forget. Regardless, I hope that you’ll find luck elsewhere.
-Sorralodine’s father, answering the letter of a young hopeful.

An inventor from a very young age, Sorra was always interested in the principles of the world around her. Despite this, it wasn’t until the age of 11 that she really came into her own, when she was taught the fundamentals of Steam technology. She considered it inefficient and crude, and so she decided to make it better. Which is exactly what she has spend the 23 years since doing. Nearly every major jump forward in technology can be traced back to her, in some way or another. She has yet to take on any assistants, though a very large number of people have tried to become her student.

Sorralodine Etrackiorite

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