A powerful hunter under Bezerel's control


Immensely tall and powerfully built, Tharja looks and acts like a predator. Thick reddish-brown hair tumbles down her shoulders, left down and free with the implication that grabbing it is a death sentence. Wandering green eyes seem unfocused at first, and her demeanor is one of a bored animal.

The sole exception to this is when prey presents itself. Then her eyes focus on her target, and her desire to hunt seems to engulf her. In this way, she can almost seem less, or perhaps more, than human.


Tharja’s past is unknown. She does not seem to be educated, and her speech is halting and inelegant. By contrast, her movements are sure and confident, suggesting physical training. She is clearly not Bezerali, and she is always outfitted with a collar, identified by the party to include some manner of powerful Compulsion effect. Who she is without the collar is unknown.


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