A freewheeling gambler with a fondness for alcohol


Tall, lithe, and usually seen in a velvet jacket, Veronica is a woman of good and expensive taste. She stands at an impressive 5’ 11", with exceptional posture and grace, likely as a result of her training.

Her black hair falls down to just beneath her shoulders, and is usually kept down, with a gentle curl that almost certainly takes her an hour to get just right (Though she vehemently insists that it’s natural). Piercingly green eyes stand out among sharp, pointed features, and her thin mouth is usually pulled up into a wry smirk.


Regardless of the rumors you might hear, Veronica was not, in fact, born in Tephra She’s not even a citizen, having never gone through the rites and rituals required to be inducted into a Clan. It’s fruitless to ask here where she’s from, though: her answer changes each time. For one person she’s an escaped native of Seragi, seeking to free her captive people; to someone else, she’s a double agent working undercover in Bezerel, gathering intelligence for an invasion. Regardless of her origins, she remains a good-natured person, and an excellent drinking buddy.


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