Whispering Blizzard of Ages Past

Is she a Fae? Is she a Mountain? WHO KNOWS!


The mountain forever/
Keeping its lonely vigil here/
Watches kingdoms fall

-Poem by Tellerish artist, name unknown

The Lady of Biting Gales is, technically, not a lady at all. Rather, she is an embodiment of the primal forces of cold, given sentience by something entirely outside of human’s capacity to understand. In her natural state, she is a roiling whirlwind of ice and wind, howling and spinning in a paradoxical dance of rage and serenity. In her human form, she is an immensely tall woman of dark skin and sharp features, garbed in a flowing white gown that trails behind her like snowflakes.


Probably the worst thing about the Alor Mountain Range is that I cannot find a guide to take me to their peaks, no matter how hard I look. None of the nearby Clans wish to oppose something they refer to as “The Whispering Blizzard”. Of course, any scholar knows that a blizzard does not whisper, it howls, and this only further ignites my curiosity! Sadly, I fear that it will remain unfulfilled.
-Travels of a Scholar

The towering Majesty is an entity that seems to have been in existence for the entirety of human history, or sufficiently close as to be negligible. She has made a number of claims as to her power, and though none of them have been substantiated by acts, her powerful presence and the respect of the denizens of the mountains seem to speak for her.

Whisper refers to herself and the Alor Mountains as being one entity, and there is a lot of evidence to support her claim. She can sense what transpires anywhere on the mountains, whether on the surface or in the caves, and seems capable of shifting its topography with a thought. Additionally, her Throne is one that seems excessively powerful in its own right, though what exactly it is has yet to be discovered.

Whispering Blizzard of Ages Past

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