The High Priest turned her gaze to the heavens, and implored the Illustrious Emperor for help. And lo, then did the skies part, for Mvella was beloved by her God, long may Her light shine. The spear of Altraska did cleave the very stone of Oreas, and the word of Altraska did cleave the air. “Bring your people to my spear, and build your city there.” Thus did She speak unto Mvella, and thus did Mvella obey, and establish our great city. Long may our light shine.
-Excerpt from the Bezan, the holy text of the Altraskan faith.

Formed millennia ago by the High Priest Mvella, Chosen Voice of the Goddess, the Illustrious Emperor Altraska, she established the nation to bring together all the world under Altraska’s benevolent rule. It is said that Altraska herself rules Bezerel, as the city itself is always run by her High Priests. And clearly, Altraska has no problem with war, as Bezerel has expanded its holding for the past five centuries through a long and brutal history of conquest. It has only just turned its view South, to the small nations at its back.


A massive country situated at the center of the continent, Bezerel has a wealth of natural resources to draw from, including massive rivers of fresh water that runs from the Torial mountain range to its south.

Notable Figures

High Priest Braska: The single highest authority in the Empire save for Altraska, Braska is one of the driving forces behind the invasions of Tephra and Elphatal. Now in her fifties, she took up the mantle of High Priest when she was only twenty-one, upon the death of her predecessor, and has since easily doubled the reach of her, or rather Altraska’s, Empire. Well-beloved by her people, less so by everyone else.
Selina Argos: The most well-decorated general of Bezerel, Selina is also a member of the Illustrious Guard. At the age of 46, she has personally led twenty-seven campaigns of invasion, and has never lost a battle in which she has personally participated. It is said that she can unite the minds of her army with her own, though this is likely just the superstitions of scared soldiers.
Illustrious Guard: the elite guard of the High Priest herself, they are the foremost warriors of the entire Empire. Varying in number from two to six, they are handpicked by the High Priest, and given titles based upon the sacred constellations of Bezerel. Currently there are four known members, and it is rumored that they the most powerful Guard since the Empire’s founding. The most well-known member by far is Selina, otherwise known as the Ebon Moon, though rumors abound of a reincarnating swordsman, a woman who communes with elementals, and a beautiful assassin with flying blades.

Notable Settlements

Ral Evernia: Named “Her Holy Spear”, this is the capitol city of Bezerel, where the spear of The Illustrious Emperor was said to fall so many years ago. This is the home of the central temple to Altraska, where the High Priest rules over all of the Empire. With massive buildings constructed from marble and glass, it is difficult to view the city and not feel wonder at its very existence.


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