Great Ban

After the failed invasion of Tephra and Elphatal by Bezerel, an announcement, or ultimatum rather, was made by Bezerel. The two nations could either announce their immediate surrender, or starve to death. The leaders of the two nations collectively agreed to shove the ultimatum up Bezerel’s ass, Unfortunately, a week after the announcement was made, all Divine magic completely ceased to work..

This caused an immediate resurgence of illnesses that were before easily curable or preventable. Scores of people died mere months after the Ban, before older methods of disease prevention. Even more died afterwards, as food shortages, medical issues, and further complications caused people to die in the tens of thousands.

This has gone on for twenty years now, and much of the country has lost hope that it will ever stop. The source of the issue is unknown, despite many years of expeditions sent to discover it.

Mechanically, this means that any and all Divine magic at or above 1st level fails automatically. Orisons (0th level) can succeed, but the caster must succeed on a Caster level check of 25.

Great Ban

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