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Hello, and welcome to the Liberum’s repository of knowledge.

To your right, you will find tomes detailing the various countries of the world, most prominently featuring Bezerel, Tephra, and of course, Elphatal. Due to their lesser impact on international history, there are also more minor sections detailing the histories of Seragi, Offearn, Telleren, and Zymnath, or at least what we know of Zymnath. There is also a section detailing the geography of The Badlands, for the more adventurously inclined. Oh, you wanted a book on Benzaforth? There are…a few, yes.

For the more scholastically-minded among you, we also have books regarding the Dichotomy system of Elphatal, in addition to The Prime of Tephra. Bezerel’s Pantheon is also represented.

There are also some pamphlets and news articles on major recent events, if you were looking for what we know of the Great Ban.

If you have any further question, please direct them to the service desk. I hope that you will find what you are looking.

P.S.: Past the fourth wall, you can find System Modifications right here.

Rael’s Journal!

A Compilation of various…things, that Rael has found interesting. It has a surprising habit of finding its way into the hands of Rael’s companions, so don’t be surprised to find editorials and opinions by Sitka, Aurianya, Veronica, or even Eligor.

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Main Page

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