Their architecture is crude at best, and their cuisine is simple and heavily spiced. What they have in the way of infrastructure is laughable in its simplicity, though it doesn’t seem to hinder them in any way. And yet, despite these deficiencies, I look upon these people, whose hospitality feeds and houses me, and I wonder if all of our technology, our discoveries of which we are so proud; do they truly make us any better?
-Travels of a Scholar, by the sage Koliyan

A primarily forested nation located to the East of Bezerel, Seragi once boasted a rich and diverse culture. With many of the world’s greatest artists living here, any work that originated in Seragi was sure to fetch a high price, whether painting, composition, or performance.

Sadly, such a tradition was not to last. Around 250 B. K., Seragi was invaded by Bezerel. They had nothing in the way of a military, and thus fell quickly to the Empire. In the years since, their proud tradition has bee reduced to a shadow of its former glory, and what few artists are produced there are quickly utilized by Bezerel to further its own glory.

Geography: Primarily flat, Seragi is bordered by either water or Bezerel. The majority of their country is covered in a thick forest, though they’ve cleared out sections for villages. The climate is temperate and cool, as they are in the northern section of the world.


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