The Prime

Tephrites don’t worship gods, so much as concepts. These concepts are natural phenomena, given meaning and abstract power by the belief of the people. They are referred to collectively as The Prime. Tephrans extol these gods as above the others because they can be seen, they can be felt; they are not some mysterious beings in the sky (mostly, at least) who lord over humanity while we toil. Rather, they work alongside us, changing the world and watching out for us.

Actual “priests” of the Prime are few and far between, but nearly every human being in Tephra has felt their presence at some time or another. Most notably, the Children of the Prime, referred to as Obayat, roam the wilds of Tephra, and are known to bless the Clans with their power. With this, it is not uncommon to see Tephrans utilize raw elemental energy, or even odd metaphysical concepts with absolutely no prior training.

Cloud Watcher: the being above the sky, they are the one who watches over the children of the Earth, and who guards over the heavens. They advocate war, and taking the land that rightfully belongs to Tephra, which is everything beneath the sky. The Cloud Watcher is very popular among young, hot-blooded warriors of any tribe.
Earth Guardian: the being who lies beneath the earth, they guard over all the secrets held by earth and rock. It is said that they can create life, but is saddened by the war and strife of their creations. They are considered among the oldest of the gods, and are frequently worshiped by elders and spiritual leaders.
Leaf Whisper: communication and secrets, knowledge and speech, they are the voice heard in isolated woods. Occasionally thought of as a trickster, Leaf is a common patron of warriors who value guile over strength.
Rising Dust: spirit of erosion and entropy, movement and change. They are the endless wasting away of the world, but it is not malicious. Instead, they are only inevitable. Dust has a sect of nihilistic worshipers, but the majority are actually quite hopeful, seeing destruction not as an end, but a step towards a new beginning.
Wildfire Wave: Instant destruction and violent change, it is speed and death. It cleanses the old to leave fertile ground for the new. A common stereotype for Wave’s followers is a fatalistic thrill-seeker, which isn’t all that wrong.
Dew Flower: spirit of ephemeral beauty, it is the brilliant glory that exists for a brief moment at every morning. That which is lost, but always returns. It is cycles and loss. Of any god, the followers of Dew tend to be the most depressed, as most of them have suffered some form of loss.
Soporific Shadow: the darkness of the night that calls for sleep, it is that which calls to the minds of humanity, bringing comfort and fear in equal measure. Therapists and diviners follow in the wake of the Shadow, using its comfort to assist those in need.

Even in the wake of the Great Ban, the people of Tephra have not given up hope. The shadows still creep at night, bringing comfort. The dew still hangs on the morning air, and the flame still sweeps the land clean. The Prime have come before, and they will remain after; they’re just silent now.

The Bezerali scum will pay for silencing them.

The Prime

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