The Bezerali religious system is something strange to me. Their gods are both alien and odd, yet simultaneously human. They have flaws, and make mistakes, and lack the perfection that we usually associate with the divine. And yet, they are no less deserving of worship, and perhaps even more so on account of their humanity; when Gods are so close to those that worship them, they become more than just abstract concepts. Instead, they are treated as family and friend, as someone with whom we share the road of life. Though I still maintain that Selth creeps the hell out of me.
-Travels of a Scholar

The Bezerel Pantheon is one that has existed for the entirety of Bezerel itself, and if you believe in its teaching, are the reason Bezerel exists as a nation. The gods permeate every aspect of Bezerali culture, with the major cities serving as both population centers and primary areas of worship. Each of these Temple-Cities is devoted to a single God, though you’d have to look hard to find a non-clergy citizen who restricts their worship to one of the seven.

While the Gods of the Pantheon are just as varied as any other religion’s, one notable trait is that each God has a specific failing, a flaw that is present in their myths and legends. These are known to the Bezerali collectively as the Seven Deaths, as it is foretold that these flaws will lead to the demise of the Gods.

The gods themselves are as follows:

  • Altraska: the Illustrious Queen of the Pantheon, she stands for glory, leadership, and courage. Both mother and general, she leads through example, and asks her followers to do the same. Her failing is Pride.
    • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • Weapon: Glaive
  • Selth: the Virulent Shadow of the Pantheon, she is the uncomfortable choice, the moral quandary, the evil that must precede good. She knows pragmatism, and insists that her followers be capable of evil for good. Her failing is Wrath.
    • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • Weapon: Sawtooth Saber
    • Domains: Evil, Protection, Darkness, Fire
  • Phenathom: the Kindly Scholar of the Pantheon, she is knowledge used for pacifism. She demands that her followers practice peace, and instead guard their knowledge. Her failing is Sloth.
    • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Weapon: Throwing Shield
  • Calakith: the Winged Beauty of the Pantheon, he is the ephemeral beauty that touches all things, and moves on quickly. His failing is Lust. When something is beautiful, it is said to be “brushed by Calakith’s wings”.
    • Alignment: Neutral Evil
    • Weapon: War Fan
  • Quelatosh: the Prismatic Player of the Pantheon, she is the embodiment of music and arts. She demands that her followers always strive to their best, and never allow themselves to be bested. Her failing is Envy.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • Weapon: Flying Blade
  • Sorekolk: the Transient Youth of the Pantheon, she represents childhood, innocence, and simple wisdom. She asks that her followers not complicate matters, and think simply, as a child. Her failing is Gluttony.
    • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • Weapon: Scorpion Whip
  • Bethekilk: the Brilliant Blade of the Pantheon, she represents mathematics, science, and death. It is she that tallies up the good and ills of a life, and who comes for you when your time is done. Her failing is Greed.
    • Alignment: True Neutral
    • Weapon: Branching Spear


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