Let the others bicker about right and wrong, good and evil, shadow and light. None of that is what truly matters. What we are, what we think, how we think…that is what is truly important. That is what makes us human, and what makes us powerful.
-Excerpt from The Dialogues of Jihalphan, one of the great philosophical tomes.

A land of great and expansive libraries, Elphatal is the home to the world’s foremost academics and inventors. The fields of science, medicine, and physics have been advanced by no nation more than Elphatal. It has relied on a long-standing alliance with Tephra and other trade partners for its defense. In return, they have supplied Tephra, and most of the world, with their incredible discoveries in both science and magic. Elphatal is the homeland of Steam Magitech, the blending of magic and steam powered technology. Elphatal is ruled by a Council consisting of scholars and mages, each one representing different schools of magic and thought.


A country bordered by the Efrescan sea to the south and east, save for a small natural bridge that connects it to a larger landmass to the south, Elphatal owes a great deal to the immense forests that grow to its northeast. Those forests give Elphatal the majority of their agriculture, as well as an impressive stock of Ironwood and Darkwood, which are two of its main exports. Unlike Tephra, it lacks much in the way of natural defenses, relying on the power of their Gods to defend them.

Notable Figures

Thaldassa: The oldest living human in history, Thaldassa is a testament to willpower. Unfortunately, her health has waned significantly since the Ban, and despite her attempts to direct medical attention to others, the presiding Council of Elphatal has ensured that she receive the necessary care to ensure her counsel is available. In this time of tragedy, her wisdom is invaluable.
Christian Merocles: the second son of a great noble family of power and renown, Christian has decided that the current Council is not moving fast enough for its people. He has started a faction that aims to infiltrate Bezerel, and put its Empress to the sword for her crimes. His personal power and charisma has attracted many people to his cause, threatening the power base of the Council.
Sorralodine Etrackiorite: An inventor, philosopher, and mage, Sorra is one of the foremost minds of her generation. The inventions of the self-propelled aeromobile, external respirator, and most advanced principles of steam power are owed to her, which is significant given her young age of only 34.

Primary settlements:

It is said that the first settlements of Elphatal rose up purely by thought. That when the great sages gave word to the workings of their minds, the very land itself took heed, and reshaped itself. This is why we have named the library Calciban, “to give shape”. And with the great powers of magic, who is to say that these stories are not true?
-Excerpt from Ages Past, a Bezerali historical text.

Calciban: Usually referred to as the Capitol city of Elphatal, Calciban is essentially a massive library that happened to have a city built around it. The Council of Thought usually convenes within the Library, which is widely regarded as the largest repository of knowledge in the entire world. The city itself in circular, branching outward from the LIbrary in all directions, with rather clear levels set by class distinctions.

Meklar: A small settlement in North Elphatal, it was obliterated by the invasion when Bezerali troops swept through it. The tragedy of Meklar was only amplified by the large number of Dichotomy temples in the area, as the village was very near to sacred groves of Darkwood, all put to the torch by Bezerali troops.

Solivan: A large city in the southeast, Solivan is notable for being one of the few places in Elphatal to boast martial academies. The tradition of blending scholasticism with martial acuity was one spearheaded by Solivra Beskavhan, a Councilor of Solipsism who felt that proficiency with words and ideas was insufficient to protect oneself. She began with only a few students, but soon found herself with a city’s worth of people clamoring for her tutelage. Known for teaching Psionic arts, as well as various philosophically minded Martial Disciplines, with Diamond Mind and Scarlet Throne most notable among them.


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