My first experience with Skymetal was something that I’ll never forget. Holding the piece of green ore in my hands, I could swear that I felt a heartbeat, something alive in it. I gave it back quickly, as my hosts were beginning to think that I would attempt to steal it. Fortunately for me, I am smarter than that; Skymetal is worth more than gold here.
-Travels of a Scholar, by the Sage Koliyan

It is very generous to refer to Offearn as a “country”, as it is, in truth, little more than a series of small villages located in the Bithem mountain range to Bezerel’s north. It is not generous or hyperbole to state that the craftsman of Offearn are far and away the best in the world. The Bithem mountains have within them some of the rarest metals in the world, referred to by the Offearnians as “Skymetals”. These minerals are only found in the upper reaches of the mountains, and only take their true forms and colors when exposed to the open sky, giving them their name.

It was these metals that spelled doom for Offearn. Tempted by the thought of those precious minerals, Bezerel invaded the villages and put to death any who would not surrender. Offearn was the first casualty of the High Priest Klaudia, who began the bloody campaign of conquest nearly two hundred years ago. It was also Offearn’s metals that gave Bezerel a significant advantage in future campaigns, with superior weaponry and vehicles.

Geography: the villages of Offearn are scattered across the mountainous terrain, and the soil, believed to have been volcanic in the past, is rich and fruitful. The people have made efforts to leave the terrain as it was when they arrived, and as such the villages are usually found nestled within groves or glades, surrounded by a natural bounty. Notably, each village has at least one doorway that leads within the mountains themselves, though each of these doorways were collapsed when Bezerel invaded.


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