Rarely more than calf-deep, the waters cover nearly the entirely of the country. Villages and towns are built so that water sits on the ground level of each building, and when I expressed the desire to dry my feet, the natives looked at me like I was crazy! Truly strange ways, but one remarkable thing is how the water changes their music. I knew that sound was carried well by water, but when their performances ring out across the night air, I could swear that I heard the entire nation sing as one. I wonder if this is what religion sounds like.
-Travels of a Scholar

A small island nation ringed by cliffs, Telleren kept to itself mostly, with some notable exceptions. The only Tellera (as the natives are known) that anyone on the mainland ever heard from were incredibly talented musicians, artists whose unique approach to music made them immediately recognizable by nearly anyone who heard them.

They were protected by their cliffs for a very long time, and the only method of transportation to or from the island was through teleportation circles that they jealously guarded. The invention of the Airship obliterated these natural defenses, allowing Bezerel to easily overtake the peaceful nation.

Nowadays, the music of Telleren is still upbeat and exciting, but has a distinct tendency to extol the virtues of Bezerel. Artists are a terrible thing to herd though, as Bezerel is discovering; many of the songs of Telleren contain backhanded compliments and hidden insults to the great Empire.

Geographically, Telleren is quite unique, in that the mainland of the island had a number of streams running through it where the ocean passes through. Time has caused these streams to be closed to the oceans, and the water has become still and pure, though how it became freshwater is baffling to scholars. Regardless, there are large portions of the island covered by shallow water, less than six feet deep.


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