Travels of a Scholar

A relatively new text, this book is a staple in nearly any collection. Detailing the travels of the Sage Koliyan, it describes nearly every locale of any importance in Oreas.

The book itself takes an epistolary form, in the way of letters sent by Koliyan to her sister, a librarian in Calciban by the name of Somayan. There was generally one letter sent per destination of Koliyan’s, though a few noteworthy locations, such as the Purelakes of Telleren or the cathedrals of Bezerel warranted their own letters.

The last letter in the book details Koliyan’s desire to visit Benzaforth, and asserts that she might have actually been able to consistently locate it. Apparently Somayan attempted to contact her, begging her not to go, but to no avail. When three years passed without further communication, Somayan assumed the worst, and compiled her sister’s letters into a book, published posthumously. To Somayan’s surprise, it became widespread, and practically required reading for anyone who wanted to travel.

Somayan was just glad that someone else could hear her sister.

Travels of a Scholar

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